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Electric automatic doors are all around us, they are an everyday part of our lives. Whether we are entering a store, mall, hospital, office building or restaurant, we hardly notice these doors when we enter buildings and businesses; that is, until something goes wrong. It doesn’t happen often, but electric sliding and swinging automatic doors occasionally do not work as they should, they close prematurely close and strike someone causing significant permanent injuries. In fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Administration, there are nearly 50,000 people injured in automatic door and garage door accidents every year. For over 25 years, Miami automatic door injury lawyer Joseph Lipsky has helped seriously injured victims recover millions of dollars in compensation.

As with other types of premises liability cases, building and business owners have an obligation to make sure their properties are safe for their customers. The owner’s obligation to provide a safe property, includes making sure that their automatic sliding and swinging doors work properly, and when they don’t and someone is seriously injured, Fort Lauderdale automatic door injury lawyer Joseph Lipsky has helped those victims seek justice. A business owner’s obligations should include daily inspection and monitoring of the automatic door and its sensors. Yet, in order to save money, most businesses shirk this responsibility, putting their customers and visitors at an unnecessary and dangerous risk of serious injury

In addition to the business owner’s obligations, the companies that install, inspect and maintain these automatic sliding and swinging doors must also take the necessary precautions to insure that the doors work as they should. There are numerous ANSI standards which specify the various calibrations and standards required to make sure these doors operate as intended. Through the help of nationally recognized experts, Orlando automatic door injury attorney Joseph Lipsky has proven that those failures were the cause of serious injuries.

Some of the most frequent problems which cause automatic sliding and swinging doors to malfunction and injure someone include:
  • inadequate presence detection zones
  • improperly calibrated motion detection zones
  • excessive door closing force
  • improperly trained technicians

Because of the likelihood that an automatic door and its controlling sensors may be altered after an accident, it is imperative that an investigation into the automatic door accident occur as quickly as possible. Having represented many victims of automatic door malfunctions throughout Florida, including in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Joseph Lipsky has the knowledge and experience to perform the necessary inspections which are needed to protect a seriously injured victim’s rights.

Due to the forces at which automatic doors close, the injuries they cause can be substantial and life altering. The most common personal injuries caused by a malfunctioning automatic sliding or swinging door are:

  • hip fractures
  • wrist fractures
  • close head injuries

As with all personal injury cases, Miami automatic door accident lawyer Joseph Lipsky’s only goal is to help his clients recovery the greatest monetary recovery possible to compensate them for their damages, which may include unpaid medical bills, loss of income, mental anguish and pain and suffering.

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