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A day of enjoyment and exercise on a bicycle may be ruined in an instant by the carelessness of the driver of a motor vehicle. Considering our pleasant weather and the outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of bike riders, including children, there are almost 5000 bicycle involved crashes every year in Florida, resulting in over 100 deaths and more than 4,400 injuries annually, with the majority happening in South Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Florida Keys, bike accident victims need a Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorney.

For nearly twenty five years Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Accident Lawyer has helped bicycle riders who are injured due to someone else's negligence throughout Florida. From the hundreds of bike accidents victims, we your local Miami bicycle accident attorneys, have helped collect millions of dollars for their injuries, we have the experience and knowledge to get our clients the maximum possible recovery for the personal injuries and damages.

Due to the minimal amount of safe bicycle lanes throughout South Florida, bike riders suffer serious and permanent injuries due to the negligence of vehicle operators.

Some of the most frequent caused of bike accidents include:
  • motorist's turning directly in the path of a bicyclist
  • vehicles entering the road from a parking lot without yielding
  • drivers running a stop sign or red light
  • distracted driving causing a failure to see a rider

In addition to collisions with motor vehicles, often times bicycle accidents are caused by failing parts of the bicycle itself. Some of the more frequently seen component related bicycle accidents involve:

FRAME PROBLEMS - While many bicycle frames are made of aluminum or steel, advances in technology have seen a rise in the number of frames being made of carbon fiber. With those advances in reducing the cost of carbon fiber frames, comes an increase in their failure from cracks or bends. Carbon fiber forks may also become separated during a fast hill ride, resulting in a rider slamming face first into a roadway. Unfortunately, most riders are unable to access a carbon fiber failure before it happens. When a frame actually fails, the results to the rider may be catastrophic, resulting in life altering personal injuries.

PEDAL FAILURE- In addition to being subjected to the downward force of a rider pedaling a bicycle, the pedal itself holds a significant amount of the rider's weight. When a pedal fails, a rider will often lose their balance causing a crash.

HANDLEBAR FAILURE - Handlebars also support a rider's weight and are solely responsible for responding to the rider's efforts to steer. When a handlebar is improperly installed or inadequately maintained, is may become loose, or if over tightened may cause a crack in the frame.

BRAKE FAILURES - As the critical component in helping a rider slow down and stop, a failure of the brake pads or cable controls can result in a crash, usually at a location where there is crossing vehicle traffic.

With our consulting accident reconstruction experts, we, your Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident lawyers, are able to recreate these collisions by evaluating the damage to the bicycle, including paint damage, stressed frames and damaged wheels, and of course, our client's personal injuries.

Bicycle AccidentsOur experts are able to use a rider's fitness tracking device or phone to access GPS positioning which helps determine a riders speed, riding time, distance traveled, route ridden. Our experts are able to download and recreate integral information which helps in putting together a full accident reconstruction.

Some of the most common injuries caused in accidents involving bicycles, include:

  • back or neck trauma
  • traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • broken bones
  • road rash scarring
  • paralysis, or even death

As Fort Lauderdale bike accident attorneys, we understand and sympathize with the difficulties your injuries present. Miami Bicycle Accident Attorney Joseph I. Lipsky is committed to using all of his resources to help you pick of the pieces of your life after being injured in a bike accident by helping get you the maximum compensation provided by Florida Law for your outstanding medical bills, your lost income, your pain and suffering, and holding the person who caused the accident fully responsible.

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