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Boating Accident

One of the benefits of living in Florida, is our unlimited access to the ocean, bays and rivers around our state. Unfortunately, due to the significant number of vessels on those water ways, too many Floridians suffer serious and permanent personal injuries and families must endure the wrongful deaths of their loved ones due to the negligence of the operators of those vessels.

Unfortunately, many boat and personal watercraft (jet-ski) owners and operators do not have the training or experience to properly operate their vessels upon the navigable waters of the State of Florida. Boating accidents often occur due to:

  • operator lack of training
  • poor driving in adverse weather conditions
  • operator negligence
  • driver intoxication

In addition to injuring passengers on their own vessels, or other boats and jet-skis, boat and watercraft captains and operators owe the same responsibilities to safely operate their vessels, to others including swimmers and scuba divers.

Throughout the past twenty years, we at the Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A., have helped injured victims and families whose loved ones have died in boating and personal watercraft collisions. Those years of experience have provided us with extensive experience in navigating the legal hurdles and limitations in litigating boating accident cases. Depending upon the location of a boating accident, Federal Law may place significant limitations on the liability boat owners have to injured victims.

In many situations, the boat owner’s liability may be limited to the value of their vessel, which after a crash, may be minimal. For this reason alone, it is imperative that boat accident victims, immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney who has handled many boating accident cases in the State of Florida.

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