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Delray Beach may have once obtained the moniker of “Drug Recovery Capital of the United States” due to the number of halfway houses in the area, but the community has since addressed any questionable image it may have had. In 2012, the community was named “America’s Most Fun Small Town” by Rand McNally, and in 2015 it was named the third “Happiest Seaside Town in America” by Coastal Living. Despite the town’s reputation for levity and leisurely living, tragedy can suddenly befall you and/or your loved ones if you live or visit Delray Beach. A careless driver or negligent property owner may cause you or your loved one to suffer a terrible personal injury.

The Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A. cannot prevent personal injury accidents from happening in Delray Beach, but our firm can assist you and your family in recovering from such accidents. Contact us today to learn more about our experienced and dedicated legal services.

Your Delray Beach Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you or a loved one are injured or killed because another person acted in a careless manner, a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is the vehicle through which you can obtain compensation for your losses. In order to prevail in your personal injury lawsuit, you must show through the testimony of witnesses and/or evidence that it is more likely than not true that:

  • The person who caused your injuries owed you a legal “duty of care,” meaning that there was an obligation recognized by the law that required the person to behave in a careful or reasonably prudent way;
  • The person then breached this duty of care by engaging in conduct that was negligent, careless, or reckless. This is satisfied if the judge or jury is convinced no reasonable person would have acted in the way the person who caused your injuries behaved;
  • The person’s negligent behavior caused your injuries – that is, “but for” the person’s careless actions you would not have been injured (or your injuries would not have been as severe); and
  • An award of monetary damages will compensate you for your losses and expenses.

Each of these elements has its own nuances and particularities, so it is beneficial to have the specific circumstances of your case evaluated by an experienced and resourceful Delray Beach personal injury attorney.

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Do not waste time following a personal injury accident: Important witnesses and critical evidence can be forever lost, severely hampering your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. As soon as possible following a personal injury accident, contact The Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky to begin the civil recovery process. We will thoroughly investigate your case and help you obtain any compensation to which you may be entitled as soon as possible. Call or contact our offices today to discuss your case with us.

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