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Our goal is to help our clients by resolving their claims through settlement, which allows them to move forward with their lives. Unfortunately, insurance companies often fail to recognize their responsibility or they undervalue a client’s injures. So, unlike most so-called personal injury attorneys, we will take your case to trial. We will not send you to another attorney to handle your trial. We use our years of jury trial and courtroom experience and move cases into litigation and trial, if that is what is needed to help you get the compensation they are entitled to recover.

The litigation process requires a commitment from our clients, as they will be required to perform certain mandatory tasks. Those tasks include responding to interrogatories, which are written questions sent by the insurance company’s attorney, and providing documents in response to a Request for Production, which we will help clients answer. Additionally, a deposition will take place at an attorney’s office, so that the insurance company’s attorney may question our clients about their life and anything related to their accident and the damages being claimed.

Then, as mandated by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, an accident victim will need to attend at least one, if not more, examinations by doctors hired by the insurance company, whose job it is to render opinions contrary to your treating doctors’ opinion. Thereafter, a formal settlement meeting, called Mediation, will take place. And, finally, if the case does not resolved at mediation, a trial will take place in the County in which the lawsuit was filed.

We use our more than 23 years of courtroom experience and knowledge to help our clients through his daunting process, so that we may help you achieve the best possible result.

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