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Miami premises liability lawyer Joseph Lipsky knows that occasionally, a landowner or business may be responsible for causing an accident in which someone is injured because they failed to alert someone legally on their premises of a condition which may not otherwise be visible. Frequently, improper or inadequate lighting is a factor in such accidents. Of the many responsibilities owners and operators of business have, the most important is making sure their property is safe for those legally visiting or doing business there.

Making sure their property is proper illuminated is part of the owner and operators duty to those visitors, and when they fail to fulfil that duty, Fort Lauderdale premises liability lawyer Joseph Lipsky holds them accountable. Improper or inadequate lighting may cause someone to not see a variance in the height of a step or an otherwise noticeable hole. Inadequate lighting may also provide a means for a criminal to hide so as to rob or attack an unsuspecting person. When a landowner or business operator’s fails to provide adequate lighting, their negligence is responsible for millions of patients having to visit a hospital emergency room annually.

Many inadequate lighting premises liability accidents happen in parking lots and open areas after dark. When an owner or operator knows inadequate lighting may “hide” or conceal a known danger on their property, it is their legal responsibility to take reasonable actions to notify the public and their customers of those dangers. The most common lighting problems which lead to accidents are:

  • Insufficient lighting
  • Too much light, which causes glare
  • Inadequately distributed light

Those lighting deficiencies create safety hazards by causing people to misjudge the size or shape of an object, making it into a tripping hazard. Experts recommend businesses maintain uniform light in an environment in which visitors are expected, with multiple fixtures providing proper reflection off ceilings and walls.

On occasions when the lighting is improper, injuries may occur, such as:
  • Fractured wrists
  • Head injuries
  • Shoulder fractures
  • Knee ligament tears

Palm Beach premises liability lawyer Joseph Lipsky have over 25 years of experience hold business responsible when they disregard their duty to prevent unnecessary falls, or avoid their duty to make sure customers are safe from criminal attacks (so-called negligent security cases). He holds businesses and land owners responsible when they fail to make sure the illuminance, luminance, contrast, reflectance and Lux levels of the artificial lighting on their properties and businesses are proper.

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