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You have a right as a consumer to expect any product you buy to operate as intended and not result in serious personal injury. Sadly, many people are injured by defective or dangerous products every year, resulting in medical expenses, lost wages, and untold amounts of personal pain and suffering.

Products liability is a term which refers to situations in which someone is injured due to a product not working as it was intended, or because it was improperly designed by the manufacturer. Examples of such product failures which result in serious personal injury include:

  • improperly manufactured vehicle tires
  • car roofs which do not withstand anticipated impacts without crushing
  • gas tanks which explode
  • kitchen equipment which fail
  • improperly designed medical/surgical devices

While there are many possible legal actions which may be pursued by innocent victims of product failures, Florida Law provides that in addition to the manufacturer of a product being responsible under theories of negligence and breach of warranty, that the wholesaler and retailer of such products are also “strictly liable” if the product does not work as it is intended.

A product may be rendered dangerous due to things including design flaws, manufacturing errors, poor handling during delivery or stocking, or insufficient instructions or warning labels. Despite the many parties that can play a role in making a product dangerous, many states only allow product liability lawsuits to be brought against a manufacturer of a product. However, in the state of Florida, you are entitled to seek damages from a product’s manufacturer, distributor, and even retailer.

Basically, anything which is placed into the “stream of commerce” by a manufacturer, distributor or seller, including automobiles, and their parts, machinery, medicine or drugs, clothing which may not be flame resistant, or recreational equipment, is a “Product.”

We, at The Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A., have over 23 years of courtroom trial experience in helping innocent victims throughout the State of Florida who are injured due to such defective or dangerous products. We help seriously injured victims of such product failures pick up the pieces of their lives. Our goal is to help our clients achieve payment of their unpaid medical bills, lost wages and compensation for the pain and suffering their injuries cause suffer.

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Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Great communication and compassion. We were compensated for our losses. We would recommend Mr Lipsky and staff to anyone. ANYTIME! Elizabeth Fitz
I am so thankful to Attorney Lipsky and his staff ... they went above and beyond for me during a very difficult time after a horrific motorcycle accident. I never expected the outcome that they were able to obtain for me. Mr. Lipsky, Sandy and the rest of the staff give a whole new meaning to Professionalism and Dedication. I would highly recommend Mr. Lipsky .... I promise you; you will not be disappointed. Thank you !!!! Sandra Cantone
Mr. Lipsky and his team are some of the best out there! Fast recovery and a nice friendly staff who are able to explain everything thoroughly. Highly recommended! Ryan S
If you want the Job done then you want Attorney Lipsky office to do it for you. I have trusted this office with all my personal injury needs since the early 2000.
Not only is the attorney awesome, the staff Sandy and Jessie are awesome as well. They answered all my questions and concerns in a timely matter.
Trish Johnson
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