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The commercial trucking industry is one of the most highly regulated in America. Both federal and state authorities have made rules dictating how trucking companies must operate. Unfortunately, however, these regulations don’t include specific requirements on driver training, which is a large reason our Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyers see so many devastating crashes.

Our Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorneys have seen too many lives ruined by truck accidents and too many serious personal injuries.

We know the dangers of under-trained drivers, and we know the dangers of profit-obsessed companies pushing their drivers to take unnecessary risks.

That’s why you need the truck accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky. We have experience with these accidents and we know how to help their innocent victims.

Requirements for Florida Truck Drivers

The state of Florida has certain requirements before drivers can acquire the commercial driver’s license (CDL) he or she must have to drive a large truck. Those include:

  • Passing both a general knowledge test and a truck-specific test
  • Passing an air brakes test, if necessary
  • Demonstrating a knowledge of pre-trip inspection requirements
  • Passing a basic skills test
  • Passing a driving test

Without meeting these requirements a driver can’t earn a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and without a CDL a driver can’t legally operate a commercial-class truck.

A Lack of Training?

Trucking companies tend to give their prospective drivers exactly as much training as they need in order to obtain their CDLs. Sometimes truck drivers go to training academies. Sometimes companies have new drivers spend a few hours in a truck and then call the drivers “trained.” Inadequate and improper training is unacceptable. If our truck accident lawyers find that a trucking company sent a driver on the road with training that is not up to his job, both the company and the driver can be held responsible.

You can discuss your case with our truck accident attorneys at a free, no-obligation initial consultation. We’ll investigate your case and the driver’s training.

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