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Weston Personal Injury Attorney

The City of Weston consistently tops the state of Florida’s list of best places to live. A master-planned suburban community in Broward County, the city was established in 1996 and built by the same company that developed Walt Disney World. A principal city of the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area, Weston boasts a population of just over 65,000 residents and its entire west side is next to the Florida Everglades.

Because Weston is ranked as one of the safest and nicest places to live in the nation, it is difficult to imagine any danger that could happen within the city. That being said, accidents happen everywhere, and when they do, people can be seriously injured. Unfortunately, a personal injury can be life-changing and make it difficult to continue enjoying a city like Weston. As two major highways, I-75 and the Sawgrass Expressway boarder Weston, due to the amount of traffic and high speed of the vehicles traveling upon those highways, sadly, life altering accidents happen.

Intentional Torts

A Weston personal injury may occur because a person is negligent or reckless and causes an accident that results in harm. On the other hand, a personal injury may be caused by another person’s deliberate intent to harm another. In a personal injury lawsuit, this type of conduct may be referred to as purposeful, malicious, or knowing. A person who is found to have intentionally caused harm will be held liable for damages caused. When damage to another person or property is caused with intent, this is known as an “intentional tort.” Often times, a business or apartment complex may be legally responsible for “allowing” an intentional tort to happen, by failing to have adequate preventative security.

Generally, intentional torts fall under two categories: those against people and those against property. Some of the most common intentional torts include:

  • Assault: Assault is an act, or a threat to act, that has the intention of putting another in fear of imminent and non-consensual touch - typically physical harm. Actual physical contact is not necessary for an assault to occur.
  • Battery: Battery is an intentional and non-consensual harmful or offensive touching of another person by or put in motion by the offender.
  • Conversion: The is the intentional interference with another’s possession or ownership of property that is so significant the interfering party is required to pay for the property’s full value.
  • Defamation: The act of injuring another’s reputation by making a false statement, defamation can happen in writing - known as libel - or verbally - known as slander.
  • False Imprisonment: This is the unlawful restraint or detention of another’s freedom or movement, for any time period, without consent or justification.
  • Fraud: When a party intentionally makes false statements in order to induce another to give up something of value or engage in certain conduct, fraud has occurred.
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress: Referred to as IIED, this occurs when someone engages in extreme and outrageous behavior with the intent to cause - and does cause - severe mental anguish and distress to the victim.
  • Trespass: A person will be found liable for trespass when he or she enters another’s property without the owner’s consent and interferes with the owner’s exclusive right to use the land.
  • Trespass to Chattels: This happens when a wrongdoer intentionally possesses another’s property without the owner’s consent, even if for only a brief period of time, and harm results.
Weston Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been harmed in a Weston, contact a seasoned personal injury attorney right away. The Law Offices of Joseph I. Lipsky, P.A. have served personal injury victims in Weston and throughout the state of Florida for more than 25 years. Click here today to schedule your free initial case evaluation or call us at 954-693-0073.

Client Reviews
Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Great communication and compassion. We were compensated for our losses. We would recommend Mr Lipsky and staff to anyone. ANYTIME! Elizabeth Fitz
I am so thankful to Attorney Lipsky and his staff ... they went above and beyond for me during a very difficult time after a horrific motorcycle accident. I never expected the outcome that they were able to obtain for me. Mr. Lipsky, Sandy and the rest of the staff give a whole new meaning to Professionalism and Dedication. I would highly recommend Mr. Lipsky .... I promise you; you will not be disappointed. Thank you !!!! Sandra Cantone
Mr. Lipsky and his team are some of the best out there! Fast recovery and a nice friendly staff who are able to explain everything thoroughly. Highly recommended! Ryan S
If you want the Job done then you want Attorney Lipsky office to do it for you. I have trusted this office with all my personal injury needs since the early 2000.
Not only is the attorney awesome, the staff Sandy and Jessie are awesome as well. They answered all my questions and concerns in a timely matter.
Trish Johnson